External Insulation Finishing Systems


If you’ve ever wondered, “What is EIFS?”, here’s your opportunity to find out. It’s the most exciting innovation in insulation with several unexpected additional benefits to heat and cool your home or office, and add beauty, value, and comfort to your lifestyle. Read on!



By using a continuous layer of insulation, drafty gaps are eliminated providing money-saving comfort.



For durable, low-maintenance beauty in an endless array of styles, finishes and colors, EIFS is your best choice!



Add value and increased resale value of your investment with the benefits of superior insulation from the outside in!

What is EIFS?

Angela Anderson stated in the January 26, 2012 issue of the Florrisant (MO) Patch, a local St. Louis community online publication, that a memo to the Public Works Department from Building Commissioner, Philip E. Lum, briefly describes how EIFS are different from Stucco.

–“‘While similar in appearance to stucco, EIFS is an exterior cladding system that consists of components and installation requirements very different from traditional stucco,’ Lum wrote. “’EIFS is actually a multi-layered wall system.” He also said that EIFS are “an insulating, decorative and protective finish system for exterior walls that can be installed on any type of construction.’”–

According to EIMA (EIFS Industry Members Association)

Some benefits of EIFS are:

Energy Efficiency – “EIFS is 84% more energy efficient than the next best performing cladding, outpacing brick and stucco among others.” The U.S. Government tests conducted by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, supported by the Department of Energy has validated this finding. EIFS “can reduce air infiltration by as much as 55%.” These superior insulating measures can actually allow you to utilize lower-capacity heating and air conditioning equipment.

Design Flexibility – EIFS can be finished to give a rich appearance, resembling stucco, stone, brick, limestone, or metallic finishes. Skilled craftsman can create architectural detailing to give the look of often cost-prohibitive structures such as cornices, arches, and keystones.

Durability and Sustainability – EIFS tend to maintain their original appearance over time due to the fact that they are made with 100% acrylic binders. EIFS has “passed the stringent Miami-Dade County Hurricane Test.”

Moisture Control – Recent research done by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (supported by the Department of Energy) found that EIFS are the “‘best performing cladding’ in relation to thermal and moisture control when compared to brick, stucco, and cementitious fiberboard (commonly known as fiber cement) siding.'” “EIFS are among the most water resistant exterior surfaces…when correctly installed.”

Fire Resistance – EIFS have passed the major fire resistance tests required by the building codes.

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